There’s only one place in Paris where I could, and do, eat at least once a week. That’s because Distrito Francés is my ultimate happy place.

Not only because of the phenomenal, authentic Mexican food, or because the staff are so friendly, or even because it’s seriously affordable. It’s because when you put all these things together, Distrito Francés feels like home.

The staircase at Distrito Frances
Check out that staircase!

Let’s start with the location

For starters, it’s in central Paris (Metro Strasbourg St Denis, in the 10th). The place itself is beautiful and gorgeously decorated (check out that staircase!), down to every last little detail.

Is it expensive, you wonder? No, it’s really not. A lunch menu with a quesadilla, some delicious guacamole and chipotle-marinated, slow-cooked beef is served with multicolored corn chips, spicy homemade salsa and a drink (either hibiscus or Horchata), and will set you back 9.50€. That’s right, you heard me. 9.50€. For lunch. In Paris. The ‘fancier’ menu, with three insanely good, brightly colored tacos and the same fixings costs 12.50€. In Paris, that’s unheard of.

Now let’s talk about the food at Distrito Francés

You’ve basically got three main options: tacos, burritos or quesadillas. Then you’ve also got a couple of sides, with the Chicken Popopop being my absolute favorite. It’s marinated chicken with chili, fresh mint, coriander seeds and crunchy corn flakes. The highlight of the quesadilla is the slices of Mexican chorizo they top it with (seriously drool-worthy), and the melt-in-your-mouth meat on the side.

The Quesadilla at Distrito Frances
The Quesadilla

Let’s talk tacos. For the first time outside of the States, I saw blue corn tortillas. And orange ones too! The Drunken Love taco is beef cooked in Tequila and topped with fresh peanuts. The Bang Bang is pork belly cooked in a banana leaf, and the Barbacoa Jam is slow-cooked beef topped with chicharron and a bit of chili pepper. All of the tacos are seasoned with home-pickled radishes or red cabbage, topped with smoky cremas or fresh coriander and lime. We’re talking PURE HEAVEN.

The Trio of meat tacos at Distrito Frances
The Trio of meat tacos: to die for!

What else do I love about them? The owners and servers are the absolute sweetest, warmest people I’ve ever met in a restaurant in Paris. Ok sure, I go there every week and jump up and down every time they serve me my tacos, (yes, they’re THAT good), but they could also just ignore me, serve me my food and be done with me.

But no, these guys are the best.

They always bring me my special bottle of super hot Habanero sauce to the table before I even ask. They pour me a beer or a coffee or serve me a slice of chipotle-dusted chocolate cake when I’ve had a rough day. They will take amazing care of you, and make you truly feel welcome. And for that, I LOVE Distrito Francés, and so will you.




Distrito Francés

10 rue du faubourg Saint Martin – 75010 Paris

Closed Mondays, open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch, dinner and cocktails! (Did I mention the amazing, cheap pitchers of Margaritas??!!)


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