Why Pierre Hermé in Paris Spends Zero Time in the Kitchen

Pierre Hermé Paris
Why Pierre Herme Spends Zero Time in the Kitchen

Getting your hands on macarons by Pierre Hermé Paris is as enviable as a Louis Vuitton bag. Well, for me, it’s actually much more!

A while back I had the immense opportunity to interview the Macaron King himself, for the Huffington Post. Needless to say, I jumped on this chance. Of course, what I really wanted to know the most was how to make the perfect macaron!

Do you want to learn his top tip? Then read the whole interview on the Huffington Post or get a sneak-peek here!

My interview with Pierre Hermé Paris

On his first experience with food

“My father was a pastry maker and a baker, and I remember him at Easter making chocolate rabbits. The image of the excess chocolate dripping down the cooling racks is a very vivid memory because it was my first taste of milk chocolate. “

On whether or not he was a good little boy who ate all his vegetables

“When I was a child, I didn’t like asparagus or endives, but that’s just because when we’re young we don’t like bitter tastes. Today I love them.”

On comfort food

“I hate the idea of comfort food! The concept of comfort is not what interests me in food; I’m interested in the discovery of new and different flavors, so it’s a concept I don’t believe in.”

On what he brings to a dinner party

“I usually bring macarons and desserts from my boutiques. People generally like that.” No kidding.

On what he eats for breakfast

Sencha green tea, fruit, yogurt, bread, and butter.

On cooking for himself

“When I’m alone, I don’t cook for myself because I hate eating alone. I snack instead. I don’t really cook for just me, but I do cook for my wife.” Awwww.

On his favorite Pierre Hermé macaron

“I don’t have any favorites. I love them all because when I created them, I thought about them a lot. Now that it’s peach season, I’m loving our peach, rose, and cumin tart. But during another season it might be something else.

I guess my favorite macaron is the next one that I’m going to create. But I don’t know what it is yet.”

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