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Boulangerie Bo

Vanilla Chou
Vanilla Chou

An unconventional bakery

Happily nestled one block down from the Marche d’Aligre, the beautiful art-nouveau facade looks like every other Parisian corner bakery. But Boulangerie Bo is not your conventional pastry shop.

You’ll realize this very quickly after scanning their racks of fresh bread. The first one that jumps out is the black ‘tradition’, flavored with squid ink and cumin. There are loads of other flavored breads of all shapes and sizes: raisin, dried fruits, nuts and olives are just a few of the options available.

Black 'tradition'
Black ‘tradition’

But what really stands out here are the pastries.

My vanilla chou, about to be eaten
My vanilla chou

While remaining relatively classic, Boulangerie Bo has managed to take French favorites like lemon or chocolate tartlets to another dimension. Including a discreet Japanese touch, I was happy to see a beautiful mont-blanc style pastry that was flavored with cherry blossom.

I decided to opt for a simpler choice, a classic vanilla ‘chou’, or cream puff, but little did I know there was a surprise in store. Once you take a bite of this airy puff, you realize that nestled in the luscious vanilla cream is a gooey, salted-butter caramel center.

Hidden salted caramel
Hidden salted caramel

So if you’re looking for a slightly different bakery in Paris where you can get some creative bread and inspired pastries, Boulangerie Bo is definitely worth a visit.





Boulangerie Bo

85bis Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris

Metro: Ledru Rollin