My secret recipe:

Take 1 Syrian/Armenian mother, mix with one 1 Indian father, and then let her rest for 8 years in the United States. After this time, transplant to Athens, Greece to grow for another 10 years, before adding a few years in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Finally, move her to Paris until maturity, and then to Fontainebleau for her final resting spot. Leave her in a warm spot and wait until she’s doubled in size! 🙃

Greece, one of the places I call home

For the past few years, I’ve been: 

Ex-Head of Community at VizEat, ex-Managing Editor of, and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Ex-Head of Chef Relations at MoiChef.

Today, I’m the COO of Opnkitchen, and I do French to English translation, recipe development and community management, all in the delicious realm of food and wine.

I also obtained the WSET Level 2 Certification in Wines & Spirits (with merit), and completed my culinary training at the prestigious Ferrandi cooking school in Paris.

Words I live by: ‘Life is too short to eat bad food’